CT Scan


Nambour’s leading CT Scan specialist

Using state of the art systems, our specialised technicians provide high quality multislice CT technology to obtain detailed images unavailable through other procedures.

Computed Tomography, commonly referred to as “CT,” is a digital X-ray imaging technology used to take cross-sectional images of your body. The CT works by taking pictures of very thin slices of the area being examined, which are then put together to create a 3D image and shows many different structures at once including blood vessels, tissue, organs and bone. 

This advanced imaging gives your radiologist a more detailed view of the area than could be provided by any other method. This will allow them, along with your doctor, to provide you with the most effective diagnosis and treatment plan as soon as possible.

What to expect

The CT Scanner is quite a large, round machine with a hole through the middle, with a flat table that goes insite. When you arrive for your CT Scan you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, before going through the procedure with your radiographer. You may be asked to change into a lightweight gown to prevent any obstructions in the scan. You will then lay flat on the table before being moved inside the scanner. The images themselves are very quick, and you can speak to your radiographer at any time.

How to prepare

Detailed instructions will be provided to you by our clinic prior to your scan. Some CT Scan areas require no preparation, however you might be asked to fast before your procedure, depending on the location of the scan. 

Some scans require a dye injection to help show contrast in the blood vessels. Scans on the abdomen may require a different iodinated material to be taken orally on the day of your procedure to outline your intestine. 

Please contact our clinic if you’re unsure of the instructions given, as these instructions are very important in ensuring an accurate scan. 

Our radiologists and support staff are committed to ensuring your experience is as comfortable as possible and are always happy to answer any of your questions regarding your CT Scan. To book your scan today contact our team.