Interventional CT and Ultrasound procedure


Interventional CT and Ultrasound procedure

Our expert technicians can perform highly specialised examinations that provide vital information to your medical team.  These techniques are lower risk and offer faster recovery times. IR procedures can be used in almost every organ system, and the list of conditions that can be diagnosed and treated using image-guided techniques is continuously growing.

How does it work?

Either a series of cross sections obtained during CT scanning, or high frequency sound waves are used to create a picture of an area.  These images often replace the need for traditional invasive procedure to determine if a patient may benefit from certain treatments.

How to Prepare

The preparation required for each procedure will differ slightly but our friendly staff will discuss what you need to do when booking your appointment.  Also, your expert radiographers and nurses will discuss exactly what will happen in detail when you arrive.


What to expect?

You may be asked to change into a gown before your procedure, depending upon the area to be examined. Expert technicians with then perform an Ultrasound or CT to locate the area of interest and determine the best approach if a sample is required.