Nambour Ultrasound Specialists

At Nambour Radiology our highly-skilled sonographers use the latest in ultrasound technology to take images of your internal organs and soft tissue. Ultrasound technology uses high frequency soundwaves to create high resolution images, without the use of radiation - making ultrasound one of the safest and least invasive methods of medical imaging.


Effective Diagnostic and Investigative Ultrasound

Ultrasound technology is used for a wide range of both investigative and diagnostic imaging, and can be used to monitor the progress of ongoing treatment. The versatile technology can be used to examine organs, evaluate blood flow and vascular health, and investigate issues with the musculoskeletal system.

Ultrasound and Pregnancy 

If you’re pregnant you will be referred to a sonographer by your doctor to start monitoring your baby and ensure your pregnancy is healthy. Ultrasounds are a great way to watch the progress of your baby growing, all the while being a safe procedure during pregnancy. 

Ultrasounds can give us information about the gender, due date, heart health, placenta health, amniotic fluid levels, and overall condition of your baby, as well as your overall organ health during pregnancy. Our ultrasound technicians will play a key role in keeping you comfortable and making sure that your baby and you remain healthy during your pregnancy. 


How to prepare

Most ultrasounds will require prior preparation such as fasting or drinking and retaining fluid. These instructions are essential to the quality of your ultrasound and if you do not follow them your sonographer may choose to reschedule your appointment.

Preparation will change depending on what part of your body is being looked at, so you will be given detailed instructions prior to your appointment.

If you have any questions or are unsure about how to prepare for your appointment please contact our team and they will ensure you have all the information you need.